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From the Annals of Bike Maintenance...

A day or two ago, I went to inspect the couple of spots on the Jolly Roger's rear wheel that had started to crack a few months back. My bike has recently been making more interesting noises than usual. Lo and behold, the cracks had grown to the point where I now worry about a flat tire and the "catastrophic failure" my friend A warned me about for cracked rims.

Lordy, I do not keep the Jolly Roger anywhere close to fastidiously clean.

State of the two worst cracks when I decided to end the wheel experiment:
Jolly Roger rear wheel wear

Jolly Roger rear wheel wear

These two cracks are on opposite sides of the wheel.

I also finally noticed that the tread on the rear tire was totally worn out. Whoops. Compare:
Jolly Roger rear wheel wear

That said - A-plus I would buy these tires again, just in a slightly wider size because it's almost impossible to find tubes for 26 x 1.35" tires. I've been riding on this pair of tires for a couple of years, waiting for them to wear out. I may have had a grand total of one or two flats in that entire time. I thought they had a kevlar liner, but the bike shop owner thinks it's just a high-quality rubber compound. If you ever shop for Schwalbe tires, get the ones with the blue fill, not the green stuff.

So! Time for a trip to the bike shop. I stocked up: spare shifter cables, spare brake pads, some of those Ergon grips, a fresh pair of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires (26 x 1.5"), and a brand-new Stella headlight for scrottie.

I can feel the difference from swapping in the new replacement wheel (ordered a couple months ago, just in case).


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Nov. 9th, 2016 02:32 am (UTC)
I will make the case that a tire isn't worn out until you can see the casing threads exposed.
But that rim, those cracks, yikes!
Nov. 9th, 2016 02:33 am (UTC)
SOME rim companies will warranty cracks like that. A friend just got a new set of high-end Shimano wheels based on carbon fiber delamination, two years into ownership (and 10,000 miles.)
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