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Storage unit, sailing, wine barrel

Busy weekend. We picked up a rental car on Saturday, then used it Sunday to run some longer-distance errands. First, a trip to the storage unit in Stockton to drop off a table and pick up a few things (primarily, Old Faithful so we have a guest/spare bike). Everything in the storage unit was still present and in fine shape, which felt kind of amazing. Then we went to Discovery Bay to spend some time with scrottie's sailboat. I'll have to post photos later. We managed to get maybe a whole 500m away from the dock before the gentle breeze died completely and we had to "scull" our way back by swishing the rudder back and forth. Other than that, I can now verify that it's a real boat and could really sleep 5 people. Also, it will be a good thing if S can get the motor working again.

On our way back from that, we stopped by an Ace Hardware that was reported to carry wine barrels. They had one in stock, and it fit perfectly in the back seat of the rental car.

I think we got our money's worth out of the rental, altogether.

I have a 9 am timepoint on Monday morning, so I'm spending the night at the lab, in C's office. Due to daylight savings time, the 9 am timepoint now runs from 6:30-9 am, and I have to take food out of the cage at 3 am.

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