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The trouble with being a DIY holiday gift-giver is that making things takes time, and I'm feeling really time-strapped these days. Regardless, scrottie and I made a big push to get stuff underway this past weekend, and it was satisfying to feel some sense of progress.

I'd like to be finished with the sewing machine table refinishing project already, but I've only managed to get the second of 3-5 coats of polycrylic on it so far.

I also finally managed to try out the bike bubble machine that J and K sent to me. It was gloriously whimsical for about a mile of riding, but then the constant bumps converted the bubble juice into foam and it stopped working.
Bike bubble machine

I'm glad I tested it out on a drizzly day, on a bike with fenders. That reminds me, though, that I need to fiddle with the Jolly Roger's front fender bracket some more. When I upgraded from 1.35" tires to 1.5" tires, the fender was too close, so I took it off. It's annoying to have water and mud flinging up in my face when I ride around in the rain.

Oh, and Old Faithful is reassembled and back in action. I decided it would be useful to have another spare bike kicking around.

I'm a quarter of the way through the Holiday Challenge, but slept in this morning instead of going to the boathouse to erg some more. S and I are heading to Seattle the week before Christmas, so I need to stay on top of those meters.



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