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Yesterday, riding home from the lab, I thought back to how I often feel at the end of a long brevet, where one day stretches and bleeds into the next. Staying at the lab for two overnights feels similar, except without nearly the same level of physical exhaustion. I just hit a point where I stop caring about pretty much anything.

So it was good to go home, curl up and nap, and then do some non-academic activities for the evening, like making cornbread and roasting Brussels sprouts. By the way, annikusrex, I'm still using your cornbread trick, where you melt the butter in the baking dish and then pour the cornbread batter onto it. Yum.

I've been keeping and updating a sample size grid for the circadian project. Based on it, I've decided that I'll run one more double-day this Friday, and after that I'll take a break until January. Thankfully, I'll just run the 1 pm and 5 pm timepoints, so I won't need to get to the lab until 7 am Friday morning.


Several days ago, I was reminded of the Bike Commute Haikus I used to write while commuting in Texas and Nebraska, and found that I wanted to write one for Berkeley:

Traffic light stop sign
Traffic light traffic light curb
Traffic light stop sign

Yesterday I discovered that this area responded by writing more haikus for me, along the bike path. Here's a photo from yesterday:
Bike commute haiku
The fine print says:
They are everywhere
Turkey world domination
All in Albany

This was near the section of the bike path where a flock of wild turkeys often hangs out.

Today's haiku:
Bike commute haiku 2


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Dec. 8th, 2016 03:10 am (UTC)
How wide is that two-way-in-one-lane bike lane?

Yay commuter haiku!
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