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Catch-up 4: Holiday crafting adventures

Now that packages have been shipped hither and yon, I can post photos from this year's holiday crafting extravaganza. We made 3 things, altogether: homemade bath bombs, strawberry-rhubarb jam, and passion fruit curd. Perhaps it's less exciting to receive a generic, impersonal gift, but on the other hand, it was WAY less stressful on our end, and that meant we were able to share the bounty as widely as possible.*

We had a hilarious moment in PCC in Seattle when we encountered a "homemade bath bomb DIY kit," well after the point where we'd finished that aspect of the adventure. It wasn't that hard to procure the ingredients.

In a nutshell, we followed a recipe from Northwest Edible Life, including using the pictured mold, because anything insect-themed is appropriate, right?

After mixing up and extracting the first set from the mold, I read through the comments and learned about the hazard of adding too much water. The next morning, I observed the outcome directly for myself:

Successful and unsuccessful homemade bath bombs

The rear set went off prematurely. Whoops.

For posterity's sake, here's a photo of all of the jars of canned goods:

Homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam and passion fruit curd

It might seem like a lot, but I still wound up wishing we'd been able to make and share more. Either that or we have to decide we don't like so many people.

I think we wound up trundling over to the hardware store 3 times to buy more canning jars over the course of making and canning things.

But at least this year we had enough boxes and padding to get everything packed up and shipped.

*While I am declaring that this was WAY less stressful, it was still far from stress-free to juggle these projects and work and such. I am longing to get myself into a better position for working on creative projects in a way that feels positive and fulfilling, but I still don't quite know how to get myself there.

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