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While I was in the backyard organizing the potting shed yesterday, scrottie went out with a sailing buddy to take Boaty McBoatFace for a sail. It sounds like it was an eventful trip, more eventful than the last time, when he and I got stranded and we had to scull our way back to shore by flapping the rudder back and forth.

For one thing, they got more wind. Then it died down again. But then they got more wind. So they were able to travel further out of the marina and learn more of the local geography.

For another thing, the tiller broke, so they had to codge some things together in order to have makeshift, clumsy steering. They also ran aground a bit on some rocks, which is really not so good for a keeled sailboat, as I'm coming to appreciate from reading The Complete Sailor. Ouch. Hopefully there isn't too much damage.

But on the other hand, after messing about some more with the fuel filters and hooking up a brand-new battery and other general mucking around, scrottie got the engine to turn over AND start (albeit somewhat reluctantly). Hurrah! As with S's other vehicles, Boaty McBoatFace is a vintage item, and its engine is apparently a diesel tractor motor, so he says the next thing he'll do is see if replacing the glow plugs does the trick.

Still, in my mind, getting Boaty's engine to start is a huge relief because the engine status had been a big unknown up until this point, of the sort where you have to keep hypothesis-testing until the thing finally starts up again. Also, it will be WAY easier to motor in and out of the marina than to try and sail out of that narrow channel.


In other boating news, I'm considering doing some more kayaking. Sea kayaking would be a good complement to sailing, methinks, and I really did enjoy those kayak-camping trips I did for high school summer camp. It also seems like it would be a good way to explore the Bay further, and it would get me closer to something I've dreamed about doing: kayaking up the coast from Washington to Alaska.


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