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The last brevet that scrottie and I attempted was that ill-fated Russian River 300k, where the apocalyptic weather got the better of us. He still needs some sort of workable fender situation, come to think of it.

Anyway, he was supposed to join me for the Pierce Point 200k, but got too far behind on multiple fronts, so I rolled solo to the starting line.

I don't think a blow-by-blow account is necessary for this one, so I'll just note some points.

-Since randonneuring is at least 90% male, and since I'm a woman socialized to be polite and not gruff, any time I ride by myself I inevitably acquire what S and I jokingly refer to as my "brevet boyfriends." I think I picked up like 5 different ones over the course of yesterday's ride. A couple of times, riders came up behind me and then insisted on pulling me for a while through some of the headwinds. Hard to say no to that (except when they were going too fast).

-On the other hand, I deeply enjoyed the solo sections. There are parts of the Pierce Point route where traffic dies down and it's quiet and you can hear the wind in the trees. I need to get out into nature more often, especially to the Point Reyes National Shore, which is a part of California I'll begrudgingly admit I like quite a bit. I thought about "Vitamin N" (for Nature) a lot.

Southern view from Pierce Point

Looking north to Pierce Point

Pierce Point Ranch and Tomales Bay entrance

(blurry photo riding through the redwoods in Samuel P Taylor State Park at the end - LOVE that stretch! SO MANY GREEN FERNS this time)
Bicycling through the redwoods

-I was repeatedly glad to have ridden the Jolly Roger. Last year, I had to get off and walk up part of one particularly long and steep climb because I ran out of gears on Froinlavin. My only goal for this 200k was to never have to get off and walk, and I succeeded. I was also grateful for the relative ease of shifting on the JR. I would have gotten tired of shifting if I'd been on Froinlavin. I think I was the only mountain bike, though.

Pierce Point 200k return

-Although it's always crowded with roadies and tourists, I can't help liking Point Reyes Station. This time, I visited the grocery store and bought a small wheel of cheese, a bunch of bananas (forgot to get some when grocery-shopping earlier in the week), and a quart of amazing chocolate milk. I managed to chug the entire quart by the end of the ride. I need to figure out where people go for ice cream.

-I wasn't the Lanterne Rouge! Mostly because I barely stopped at all, while many/most other riders paused several times over the course of the ride to drink beer and enjoy themselves. I think I'm okay with this arrangement, although next time I should buy some nice beer in Point Reyes Station. Mostly it was nice to get to hang out with other people at the finish control and hear other stories, instead of an anticlimactic end where all the drinks and snacks are long gone and the volunteers are exhausted and everyone just wants to go home.

-I am very much Le Tired today.

-I need to refill my supply of emergency reflective duck stickers to hand out to people.

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