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Gardening randomalia

I did a wee bit of poking around in the garden on Sunday. Mostly, this is the time of year when sytharin is busy accumulating various seeds and starting various starts, so I'm just playing backup fiddle. Still, I figure the extra helping hands don't hurt.

We stopped by Berkeley Horticulture to check out a few things, as one does when contemplating the state of the garden. Certain categories of plants encourage a "collectibles" attitude, and I succumbed. I now have three types of fern going, one from an existing plant in the yard, two that I just picked up:
Fern stash

I'd like to keep them indoors, but for the time being it seems wisest to let them get established and more vigorous out of doors. The lighting and arrangement space in our bedroom aren't the greatest for plants, and there's that whole thing with cats who like to eat plants.

I also got a bunch of quinault bare-root strawberries to fill out the quarter whiskey barrel in the front yard, and applied worm dirt to a bunch of things.

By the way, here's scrottie's apple tree these days, in the other three-quarters of the whiskey barrel:
Apple tree in a whiskey barrel

This is the tree that he originally got in Texas, at Martha's Bloomers. A brief frost killed back some previous blossoms, but it's at it again, so maybe we'll get a couple of apples from it next fall. It took four people and a set of moving straps (thick webbing) to hoist the barrel onto the deck.

Up next, I'm pondering various stake-related matters.

I want to construct some framework for the tomato boxes in the front, using the curved pieces of conduit that I originally made for the tomato cathedral. For the original Cathedral, I eventually raised up the wooden square and lashed it on top of 4 fence posts, but the fence posts are excessive for the planter boxes. sytharin is thinking that rebar posts might be a good alternative.

Meanwhile, she's been contemplating various ideas for some scarlet runner beans she planted outside of L's window. The challenge is that we just can't convince ourselves to fork over the money for the various expensive tall garden stake options or trellises available at Berkeley Hort. They're nice-looking, but I just look at them and see them rotting and falling apart within a year or two. I'm left wondering whether we'd be better off just ripping some 2x4's and angling the ends, or whether we should look into other materials instead. Ideas welcome.

I forsee a bike trailer trip to Obnoxious Big-Box Hardware Store sometime in the near future.

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