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I had enough presence of mind yesterday to remember that today was likely to be a crunch-time day. I really didn't feel like trying to scramble and work ahead yesterday, so I instead decided to just see how things would go and make battlefield triage decisions as needed. In the name of work-life balance, ahem.

And it's looking like things will turn out okay, as it turns out. There are certain circumstances where it's useful to budget less time for tasks because then they don't expand to fill all of the time available.


Instead of trying to work ahead, I spent a bit of time sitting on the back patio, working on the cat bed test-quilt - the one where I've been quilting ants onto the surface. Yesterday's ant was number 10, and there are another 10 ants to go before the test quilt is finished. I'm glad I decided to do a test quilt first because I'm finding that hand-quilting is moving too slowly, so now I want to rethink my plans for the actual quilt. I have too many other sewing projects in the queue these days.

As a first step, I learned about and ordered a walking foot for my sewing machine. Walking feet are cool - they have an extra set of mechanical feed dogs on the top surface of the fabric to help move thick fabric through the sewing machine without bunching or puckering. I don't think I'll wind up trying to quilt the whole twin-size quilt on my sewing machine because that's a lot of fabric to move around. We shall see.

I feel like "Feed Dogs" would be a cool band name.

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