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Skin Test 1: 99% aloe vera gel

It's going to be interesting to pay closer attention to how my skin feels as I go through this process.

Casting about on the internet last week, I pulled up aloe vera as one possible thing to try. A message board commenter noted that aloe vera direct from the plant seemed to help, and that the 99% gel wasn't the same. But I use 99% aloe vera gel anyway when I make my own lotion, so it was an easy thing to test.

The aloe vera gel felt really, really good going on. That good feeling lasted up until the end of my bike ride to campus, and now my face feels dry and a little bit burny again. I had some feeling of protection while I was riding, up until the very end of the ride, so things seemed somewhat promising and perhaps deserving of some sort of repeat-application test.

I'm wondering what endogenous factors contribute to the unhappy skin. All of the stuff I've read so far suggests that people don't really have a good working hypothesis or hypotheses, so there could be immune or cardiovascular factors involved ("triggers"), or it could have something to do with membrane composition, or something of the sort. Interesting things to investigate further.

Sometime very soon I'll get a couple of aloe plants, too.

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