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A spate of early mornings

Monday I hauled myself over to the boathouse for miscellaneous strength training. I'm thinking once a week isn't quite enough in this department because I keep missing weeks for various reasons, and 2-week intervals between strength-training sessions leads to zero gains. But where and how to fit in a second round? Life is short and time is precious.

Meanwhile, I'm wrapping up a small number of circadian trials this week because I want to compare lipid oxidation patterns for two different lipid administration regimes. Most of our conclusions will be based off of administration of a "trace" amount of uniformly-labeled oleic acid. With this tracer, we did not observe any shifts in oxidation across the circadian cycle, but we did see a strong trend towards higher oxidation in the long-winged morph that can fly.

However, I'm still not completely convinced that we've gotten our tracer preparation method worked out correctly. In addition, there's a possibility that there aren't any differences in constitutive rates of lipid oxidation, but there are differences between the morphs and through time in the capacity to oxidize lipids. I'm basing this idea off of research into the timing and function of adipokinetic hormone, and based on thinking about what's involved in getting geared up to fly in the early evening. And regardless, I've already collected most of the data and only need to increase my sample sizes at two timepoints, 1 pm and (more crucially) 9 pm.

Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, I only need to get to the lab by 8 am to run the 1 pm timepoint, which isn't terrible.* But then of course I want to run these samples just as adult cricket production slows to a trickle, just two crickets a day. The net result is coming in at 8 am for three days in a row. I ran the 9 pm timepoint on Monday evening, so then I slept in until 6:15 Tuesday morning. Today I got up at 5 am so I could get in some laps around the lake before hustling to the lab for my 8 am deadline. Tomorrow I'll try to do the same. Exercise feels important.

At least this is a more consistent wake-up schedule than I often get. On the other hand, it's even more challenging than usual to stay focused in the afternoons.

*I have to remove food dishes 4 hours in advance of the timepoint's start, at noon.

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