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Yesterday I had enough wherewithal to poke around a bit and look for new coffeeshop bike ride destinations (aka "Bike-Friendly Fridays"). And thus I discovered a place called Rasa Cafe, close to the Ashby BART station.

It was cosy, and served up specially-spiced lattes. Unfortunately my rose latte had too much rosewater in it, which gave it that excess bitter edge instead of the nice, amplified flavor that rosewater can add to coffee drinks.

Ah well. The croissant was wonderful, and I love the shop for its size - reminiscent of Espresso To Go in Fremont, though without as much of a baking frenzy behind the counter.

The coffeeshop made me feel awkward, though, in that it's in a gentrifying neighborhood, and I innately feel like part of the problem. We passed a large homeless encampment on a stretch of grass near the tracks. I hope the community that has historically lived in the area can manage to hold onto its roots and lift up all its residents.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to process my emotions over events in Syria. At the moment I mostly feel sick to my stomach at so much suffering and loss of life, and anger over people who profit from war.

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