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I took photos at yesterday's Open Water regatta, and should do a proper write-up, but not right now.

The next couple of days are going to be hectic because I have a deadline for a manuscript review that is going to be a lot of thinking work, on top of all the regular work.

But yesterday afternoon I made time to visit the art supply store and the good fabric store. I picked up a large piece of foam core board, and a huge flipchart pad of cheap paper, as well as a "French fashion curve," so I can work on making clothing patterns out of old favorite clothes. I'll also use these supplies to design my bicycling spats and bike basket cover. It had to be a special trip by BART because the foam core and flipchart aren't particularly bikeable.

They had some nice twill fabric at the good fabric store. I'm not at that stage yet. They also had a nice pair of pants on display, sewn from a pattern they had for sale. I'll look up the pattern to get a feel for the construction logistics.

Actual sewing won't happen just yet because my sewing machine order got delayed. The shop called me to explain the original box arrived damaged, so they were concerned about the state of the machine, and ordered in a replacement, which should arrive in around a week. Okay, fine.

I rode to work this morning on an old Sears Free Spirit that [personal profile] sytharin found by the side of the road with a "Free" sign on it. [Bad username: scrottie.livejournal.com] put on new tires, trued the wheels, and found the replacement shifter cable for the three-speed internal hub. It still needs a small metal part to hold the cable housing stop down along the chainstay, but the folks at Blue Heron Bikes tracked one down and so that will arrive later in the week. Once that's in place, I'll update the shifter cable housing and give it to a grad student here who needs a bike.

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