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"Demain" ("Tomorrow") - brief film review

Yesterday I played hooky from the last hour of work to go and catch a showing of the film Demain ("tomorrow," in French). My boss/postdoc advisor* had recommended it as an empowering and uplifting look at how people in different communities across the globe** are coping with climate change. She says it encouraged a lot of social change in France when it was released there.

This review summarizes it fairly well, except for one thing. A lot of the people interviewed throughout the film make firm declarative statements about a range of topics, from sustainable agriculture to economics, and I'm left wondering how well-substantiated those statements are.

Their statements covered some topics I'm more familiar with, having to do with sustainable agriculture, but also subjects I know next to nothing about, like economics and how currencies are created. So it seems like a more extensive critique would be useful, as certain claims made me raise my eyebrows.

I would still recommend the film, if you can find a showing and go see it. As one of the interviewees notes, we humans are really good at imagining doomsday and destruction scenarios, but we aren't quite as creative about imagining positive outcomes for the future. Seeing some examples can empower us to forge ahead with positive changes within our communities, and such changes are critical for the planet's future.

*"boss-doc advisor"? haha, yes.
** I want to point out that it's heavily Euro-centric, but I can appreciate the constraints involved.

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