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Brief weekend recap

Saturday morning, [personal profile] scrottie joined me for a bike ride to Alameda to pick up the sewing machine I ordered about a month ago. The ride from El Cerrito to Jack London Square is pretty nice, altogether. Things got more interesting after we crossed Lake Merritt and had to deal with a region where Embarcadero Road is undergoing construction. As we rode across the Park Street Bridge, S asked, "Does it remind you of home?" (it's a metal drawbridge much like the Montlake or University bridges in Seattle, except not nearly so nice for accommodating bicycles). We also investigated Crispian Bakery's croissants. Verdict: delicious.

We made it home in time for a quick shower and then walked down to take the BART to the San Francisco March for Science. I wound up volunteering at a booth for the Entomology Society of America, which basically turned into a "Yay Bugs!" show. That isn't exactly the message I'd hoped to spread, but oh well. In any case, the real work is in turning the movement into energy directed towards policy changes that support science for public good.

After that, we walked over to Fisherman's Wharf to try and visit a clothing shop that makes some good-looking cardigans, but couldn't find it. Now, as best I can tell, it looks like the company (Benetton) has closed all its shops in the US. Yargh. Instead, we found ourselves in a novelty sock shop, and I bought the only 2 pairs of reasonable argyle socks I could find. I am growing increasingly grumpy about poor sock manufacturing quality and the fact that argyle seems to have gone out of fashion again.

Sunday morning, I went rowing and then grocery-shopping, and then we hosted a gaming afternoon and ate way too much bread and cheese.

Regarding clothing in general, however: the new sewing machine's manual is fantastic, and suddenly I have access to so many different kinds of stitches. Thank goodness.

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