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It feels as if it has been forever since I've had enough free time on a Sunday to tend to chores and then work on a project, what with regattas, science marches, and bicycling expeditions and such.

Today I got to test out the new sewing machine, a Janome HD-1000, and try my hand at sewing nylon.

Sewing setup

The machine's in the background. In the foreground, you can see a cardboard cutting table from [personal profile] annikusrex's mom, K. K taught both of us how to sew, and I have a lot of memories of standing around that cutting table, playing with pattern weights and pins. It is so handy to have a table for sewing projects that also folds flat, and it's surprisingly sturdy. Thank you, K!

The sewing machine worked like a dream.

After a bit of rummaging around, I was able to relocate the strip of aluminum I'd used previously to anchor the basket to the CETMA rack, as well as the old bolts and locknuts. I hope the blue foam camping pad works as well as, if not better than, the last closed-cell foam I used to pad the rack. I suspect the whole setup is still going to make a ridiculous and awful rattling racket again.

Fresh Amish bike basket install

This is the third Hirshhorn basket, and this time around they made a couple of awesome custom modifications for me, to enable much better left-handed access:

Left-handed bike basket

And here's what I sewed, in action. A nylon rain and weather covering:

Basket with cover

For, ahem, aerodynamics, you know.

If I'd had such a covering on the previous basket, it might have lived longer, as it sat outside through the Texas heat and humidity and rain.

The next item on the sewing list is that set of Bike Spats. Those are going to be slightly complicated to shape, but I think I'm up for the challenge. I'm fairly certain that the moment I complete them, we'll revert back to the dry season here.

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