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I managed to get myself out of bed to go rowing this morning. As usual, I'm glad I did. The wind was blowing up the BAP out of the south, as it often does, but the water was still nice enough for a good steady-state piece.

I'm continuing to work on my posture in the boat. A long while back, Iz had some useful feedback on how to think about it, and I've finally reached a stage where I can feel the feedback from my muscles when I'm doing things correctly vs. being sloppy. Good postural control at the finish/release makes for much smoother rowing and better preparation at the catch. It should also help smooth things between M's rowing style and mine.

The challenge is that I have to keep rowing with at least a minimal amount of consistency to hold onto improvements like this one. Days like Monday through Wednesday this week made that challenging, however, so I have to be satisfied taking what I can get.


Wednesday through today I have been dissecting the crickets from this week's inulin experiments. My primary goal is to determine the flight muscle status for the long-winged crickets (pink, active flight muscle or white, histolyzed flight muscle). My main focus is on the long-winged pink-muscled crickets because they are metabolically distinct from the short-winged white-muscled crickets.

But on any given day, the ratio of long-winged pink to long-winged white varies. For the 11 pm - 1 am timepoint, I had 7 pink and 1 white, so that timepoint is set. However, for the 11 am - 1 pm timepoint, I only had 2 pink and 8 white, and for the 8 pm - 10 pm timepoint I only have 1 pink and 7 white.

So I will need to redo two out of the three timepoints. Based on the current results, I'll set up long-winged to short-winged crickets at a ratio of 2:1.

These dissections have been very tedious and labor-intensive because in addition to checking the flight muscle status, I'm also dissecting out and weighing it, and also the crickets' ovaries and fat body. The ovaries are straightforward, but the fat body is a diffuse and sticky tissue that has to be gathered up.

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