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I'm inclined to agree with the notion that you should celebrate a paper's submission. I got the message this morning that the Manuscript of Doom IV's estimated length is 10 pages, which is the longest length permitted for them to actually look at the thing and decide what to do next.

I mean, they may just bounce it back without review. But on the other hand, it's in. I also think it's the strongest work I've ever submitted to that particular silly journal, so I'm more optimistic about it than I have been about prior submissions. In all of the previous cases, my doubts were clearly vindicated by the reviewers' feedback, but I don't know what they'll wind up deciding to target this time around. With the leafcutter research, there's often a roulette element depending on which aspects of the system the reviewers are experts on (fungal physiology, plant-insect interactions, leafcutter coevolutionary biology, nutrition).

Then there's this other mountain of work in front of me that I should get back to. Lots of data analysis, but I'm also eager to make progress on the cricket lifespan/reproduction manuscript.


I was hoping I had enough crickets last week to finish out hemolymph assays in one go. I am so optimistic sometimes. Out of 28 long-winged crickets, only 10 had pink flight muscle, so my sample sizes are inadequate for two timepoints (11 am and 8 pm). Thankfully, I had enough pink-muscled crickets for the 11 pm timepoint, so I don't have to repeat that one.

As of last night I'm up to 4 LW-pink for 8 pm (yargh, wish I had more). Momentarily I'll find out for another 11 am set. I'm not especially optimistic, because I think long-winged females of this species (California) may indeed histolyze their flight muscle earlier in adulthood than the Florida species.

I have more crickets set up for tomorrow, if I need them, and for Monday as well. Back to the grind.

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