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Biked to work!

Yesterday was Bike to Work Day here. The morning felt rushed and hectic because I had to get to the lab by 8 am, but had the conflicting goal of wanting to visit as many different "Energizer Stations" as possible.

Once again, we failed to find the one near the El Cerrito high school. Maybe it was at Ashbury and Fairmount.

The one at the El Cerrito Plaza was hopping, unsurprisingly. I wish there was a way to get El Cerrito to permanently install the bike art archway that gets put up. It's whimsical and fun.

The guy who has a big bunch of foster chickens was at the Marin Ave station again, and he confirmed that yes, he still works at Bikes on Solano. He provided a huge basket full of hard-boiled eggs for the riders.

The one at the North Berkeley BART station was all right, once we found it. The one at UC-Berkeley had someone handing out flowers! That was fun.

After work, [personal profile] scrottie and I went over to the Berkeley Bike Happy Hour, hosted at Sports Basement. They had a pedal-powered sound system run by Rock the Bike:

Rock the Bike pedal-powered music

Rock the Bike pedal-powered music

We both got in a good workout. The music was fun!

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