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Dremel, dremel, dremel, hammer.

This morning was the BPRC's annual Work Day.

People worked on all sorts of projects, like laying out the base fabric for the area behind the boathouse that's going to get turned into a fenced-in storage yard:

BPRC Work Day 2017

All the boats were hauled outside, so the floors could be thoroughly swept and mopped.

BPRC Work Day 2017

Some of the equipment that's looking worse for wear got repaired, too. These two canoes needed a bunch of fiberglass repairs and reinforcement, for example.

BPRC Work Day 2017

But my project for the day centered around this doorframe.

BPRC Work Day 2017

At last year's work day, when we were clearing piles of stuff out from inside the boathouse, one of the old timers mentioned that there was an aluminum threshold piece that needed to be cut down to size for the bottom of this doorframe. Eventually I decided: challenge accepted. I brought the threshold home and got advice on how to use a hacksaw and Dremel cut-off tool to shape the end pieces.

When I brought it back to the boathouse, it still didn't quite fit. I rummaged around in a toolbox there and finally dug up an ancient, rusty wood file, which I used to file it down until it fit.

But there was a second lingering problem: with the new threshold in place, the door wouldn't close completely.

At that point, I'd run out of tools and energy, so I just left the threshold there.

Before I went rowing this morning, I grabbed the Dremel. After rowing, I spent maybe around an hour and a half trying to get things to fit. First, I shaved down the threshold piece with some sanding pieces that clearly weren't supposed to be used on aluminum. Then I wised up and switched over to sanding down the underlying wood. That aspect was somewhat tricky because the side support that contained the strike plate had a tendency to flex outward when it wasn't bolted in place, and it thus covered up a small lip of wood that was a part of the problem.

After all that, I got things to the stage where the door could be closed and locked, but it still required a forceful tug at the end. That doesn't work well for a facility that serves a group of people who vary in their strength and body leverage.

So finally, a guy who was watching and helping a bit suggested just taking a hammer to it. Now it fits.

BPRC Work Day 2017

I had thought the project was largely a cosmetic one, but in the process of getting it to fit, I learned otherwise. Apparently it had been really challenging to hang that door in that spot, and it's the main entry door for the boat bays, so it's an important one. One of the old-timers pointed out spots around the doorframe where things had been kludged together, and noted that the whole thing needed that aluminum threshold to brace the side supports.

I'm just glad it's finished and I can check it off my list.

Then I came home and made a quiche out of a bunch of things that needed to be used up.

Now I need to work up the motivation to get to work on the bike spats. It probably isn't going to rain again for several months.

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