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Quiet Sunday; afternoon kayak

We did chores Sunday morning, and attended to miscellaneous odds and ends. I got my hairs cut even shorter (hmm, should take a picture), and made a few repairs to various items.

I also got underway with drawing up the pattern for my bike spats. Observations so far: French curves are amazing. I got one that doesn't have a ruler, but I might upgrade.

It's going to be tricky to figure out how to sew the flat-felled seams. These things are going to be made of three pieces of fabric, in total: a trapezoid for the ankles, a curved cover piece for the top of the shoe, and a piece that fits over the toes to hold the cover piece in place. So if I can manage, there will be two flat-felled seams joining the three pieces together, and then a bunch of double-rolled hems because I don't want the nylon to fray.

If the flat-felled seams don't work, I'll have to see about an appropriate fabric for Hong Kong finishes instead.

In the late afternoon, [personal profile] scrottie and I rode over to the BAP to use the gym. The boathouse was quiet, and it was a bit windy. Once we got there, we decided it would be more fun to paddle around in the plastic sit-on-top kayaks. And it was. Hopefully next time we'll remember to pack a picnic.

And now I'm experiencing some sort of GI distress, of unknown causes. I have too much work to do, but will try to lie low to the degree possible.

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