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Got to get up, dust off, move on

Mercifully, I seem to finally be on the mend today.

The hard part with this manuscript rejection, and also with not being able to get much work done while sick, is that both bring all the doubts to the forefront. Meanwhile, the best thing I can do is try to keep on moving and not get plagued by the doubts.

I woke up thinking about some of the other leafcutter literature and where it has been published, and so now I am working on the next steps for resubmitting this manuscript elsewhere. More than anything, I just want some peer reviews, goshdarnit. My PhD advisor still isn't in the best position to comment on that aspect of the manuscript. That's been the larger, ongoing theme of the challenges we faced while I worked on my dissertation. She's an excellent writer, but she is a behavioral biologist, not a nutritional physiologist or trophic ecologist.

I decided to cancel my race at the Gold Rush Regatta, which is tomorrow. I was ill too recently, and everything I've read about norovirus suggests I'd still be contagious tomorrow. Also disappointing.

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