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Here's a good summary article about that landslide along Coastal Highway 1 in Big Sur. I've never been to that stretch of California, but have heard all about it from people who have bike toured there. To be honest, it doesn't sound all that pleasant to be sharing narrow, winding roads with cars. I have to wonder if we humans really have business trying to maintain a roadway in a region like that.

From Grist: No one's breathing easy in the nation's new megawarehouse hub. This whole situation makes me sad because it seems like an artefact of LA's poor long-term urban planning / car culture. Also, why trucks and not trains? Sigh.

Apparently a dead blue whale washed ashore recently in Bolinas. Here's a photo album of the necropsy in progress (yes, kinda gory). From what I could find, it sounds like the researchers are concluding that the whale died after it was hit by a ship.

From Arizona: This article on how new shade research could help cool down pedestrian routes has me going, "FINALLY!!" While living there, I really wanted to figure out how to draw up a set of bike route maps that highlighted shaded routes. After I moved away, the campus got way, way better about shading the major walkways (with solar panels!), but the idea really needs to be extended. I'd be curious to know how large-scale changes in shade cover could impact the urban heat island effect in the greater Phoenix Suburbopolitan area. There is interesting history there, in terms of how the canal system used to be used, compared to its current state (think way more trees, communal swimming/cool-down areas in the summers).

I'm still reading through this article about Bleeker Street's nosedive from luxe shops to vacant storefronts, but it seems worth sharing for the sake of thinking about how urban environments change. I've been hearing that clothing retailers are majorly struggling and closing storefronts left and right across the USA, and this seems at least tangentially related.

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