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Weekend mini-adventure: Vallejo

I couldn't go rowing Saturday morning, so [personal profile] scrottie and I decided we wanted to go on a bike ride instead. For a change of pace, I suggested we look into a partial route towards Petaluma, because we eventually want to bike up there to visit the Lagunitas Brewpub. On the local randonneuring list, someone had just posted about navigational logistics in the North Bay, and mentioned good food and drinks at the Mare Island Taproom in Vallejo. Sounded good to me!

On the outbound leg, Google gave us weird directions through Pinole and Hercules, sending us on a strange detour along some small bike paths. Eventually, we reached the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge:

On the bike path to cross the Sacramento River on the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge

The last time we rode across this bridge was the Saturday after moving out here, when I wanted to wedge in a 200k permanent to keep working towards an R-12 Award (ride at least 200k a month for 12 months). On that prior ride, we didn't have time to stop and take photos, so it was nice to take a more leisurely pace and observe the Sacramento River Delta.

Here's the view north, towards Vallejo:
View towards the Napa River and Mare Island

That's the mouth of the Napa River, separating Mare Island on the left from the mainland.

The Mare Island Taproom was in the ferry building in Vallejo, so I suppose if we didn't want to ride our bikes there we could have taken the ferry from San Francisco instead.

Our destination: Mare Island Taproom

We opted to bike back.

Here's an interesting-looking business on the south shore of the Sacramento River delta, a restaurant called the Nantucket. It looked busy on a Saturday afternoon, even though the marina right outside looks like it has seen better days.

Marina by the Nantucket

S is curious about the function of the barge-like boat in the center of the photo, which has a huge ramp on its back end.

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