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I remember reading, not too long ago, that one of the difficult aspects of unemployment is that the unemployed are still tied to the general schedule of those who work. This, of course, may not apply to people who seek quiet time to pursue activities that require deep concentration, but still.

With the circadian experiment, I keep finding myself in a related sort of LimboLand. I came to work late this morning, arriving at around 10 am. I plugged away at a couple of projects during the daytime (sorting crickets, a small data analysis project, a meeting), but now it's 6:30 pm and I've got to wait until 8 pm to weigh the crickets and get them staged for the 11 pm happenings. I'll run my procedures from ~10 pm - 1:30 am, then I'll sleep on my supervisor's couch until 7 am. Then I'll get up, have coffee, and stage the next crickets at 8 am. Those ones will be run from 10 am - 1 pm, and I'll probably try to go home an hour or two after that.

I went through this whole sequence from Tuesday to Wednesday as well. By Wednesday afternoon, I was feeling strongly braindead and unmotivated, so I went home and played videogames (EarthBound Beginnings) until it was time to make and eat dinner.

When I have to keep this kind of schedule, I often cart along small personal projects and think I'll work on them, but I rarely actually manage to follow through. Instead, I wind up feeling helpless and unmotivated, and dither on the Internet.

It will just be a relief when I can ship these samples off. Not quite yet, but soon.

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