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Brief updates (fire)

Sounds like the Mesa Fire got tackled very quickly, and for good reason. The Whittier Fire seems like it is hitting a point where things aren't quite so hairy, so it seems they managed to divert crews and stop the Mesa Fire.

Apparently there's a downed drone somewhere near the reserve, and there are concerns about the state of its battery and the associated fire danger, so people are going out on a mission in the morning to track it down.

Here's the thing about this place: there are lots of lovely, wonderful things about it. As I think about it, if I ever lived here, I would go utterly insane. I can't fully articulate it, but it has the same kind of sunshine as Arizona, but isn't quite so hot, so it doesn't have the cleansing feeling of full desert. Plus, there's all the smoke hanging in the air from the fires. I require clouds, rain, and gloom.

The big lab contingent arrived today, so I suspect I'm going to be even more scatterbrained for the next couple of days while everyone runs around. It's very good for everyone to see the field site, though, and the reunion aspect has been especially fun.

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