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Winning the lottery

I've been doing a lot of microblogging updates on Social Media Site Brand F. I kind of want to transfer things over here so they won't get totally lost in F's swamp.

Anyway. We managed to collect up 10 long-winged crickets last night that had pink flight muscle! It's like winning the lottery. That prompted a friend to ask, "If that's the grand prize, what's second place?" I had to reverse my stance and note that coming across thousands of newly-mated ant queens is the real first prize. The 10 long-winged crickets are fantastic, but it took me 3 summers to win the ant lottery.

I suspect the warm daytime temperatures yesterday contributed to the cricket-finding successes.

I finally used a flashlight to check the liquid nitrogen levels in the dewar. There's still a decent amount left, which is good, because none of the nearby grocery stores carries dry ice. Looks like we'll have to go all the way to Santa Barbara to get some.

Anyone know if it's possible to just walk into a PraxAir and buy several pounds of dry ice?

We have used up almost all of the "old" gas sample vials. Time to prep new ones, in addition to all the other prep work for the day. No rest for the wicked.

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