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Wineing and wrapping up

I don't remember if I've mentioned yet that we're in a crazy area for wineries. One of the station managers was telling us that a long time ago, there were only around 20 wineries out here, but by now there are over 200. L really wanted to visit at least one winery while we're here, so yesterday we hightailed it out of the reserve immediately after finishing the midday timepoint. We wound up visiting Rancho Sisquoc winery. I'm really not much of a wine drinker, but appreciated the chance to try out a bunch of wines on-site to figure out what I like and buy directly from the winemaker.

After that, we stopped in Santa Maria to pick up dry ice, as it turned out that Savers had some, and it worked out based on our various logistics. It was hard to convince L to NOT by the 5-pound bag of chips for $5.

The winery visit made the day utterly nonstop for me. Exhausting.

Today is our last full day here. I'm going to be running oxidation trials right up through tonight, and we'll spend the rest of our time today cleaning and wrapping things up. Altogether, I'd say it has been a successful trip. We have learned a ton about this area and the local critters, and have collected a whole bunch of crickets to bring back with us and analyze. I have managed to get through a pretty comprehensive set of oxidation experiments, so all that's left is to hope samples don't get destroyed again.

I am looking forward to seeing [personal profile] scrottie, petting my cat, and going to sleep at a reasonable hour.

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