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So, I may or may not have a slight obsession with chocolate sprinkles. I love the texture.

While we were out doing fieldwork, I managed to find not one but TWO kinds of chocolate sprinkles. One of the varieties is from a Seattle-based company that specializes in fancy, expensive forms of sugar, India Tree. The Sur la Table in the open-air shopping mall near the BAP has the India Tree sprinkles, but they are so expensive I balked at the price. But for some reason, the grocery store in Santa Ynez also had them, and had large containers for the same price as the small containers. Okay, fine, sold.

On the second trip to Solvang to do laundry, we stumbled into a fancy imported foods store, and I found that they had authentic Dutch sprinkles, so logically, I bought some of those, too.

When I finally got home Wednesday evening, [personal profile] scrottie said he had some presents for me. Not only did he find me a Rock the Bike t-shirt (!!!!), he also found some amazing gourmet sprinkles online!

Oh, and we had also picked some up while we were in the Midwest in June.

So, um, yeah.

Chocolate sprinkle selection

So there may be a sprinkle tasting sometime in the near future. We ate a bunch of the India Tree sprinkles on ice cream while out at Sedgwick, and they were fantastic. No big surprise there. On Thursday morning, S and I ate some of the Callebaut sprinkles on our oatmeal, and I have to say that, hands down, they are the best and most chocolatey out of the bunch. They also melted quickly, though.

Having too many sprinkles seems like a good problem to have, altogether.

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