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The Whelm. I am over it.

So far, this week has mostly felt like fielding other peoples' stuff.

Even at 9 am, the lab is crowded and loud. I showed up, dropped off my pannier, and fled to the library to hide.

I just want to do some basic things.

I badly need to update my finances and sort out travel reimbursement from fieldwork.

I want to enter in my meters from the River City Rebellion on Sunday.

I want to look at the results from an undergrad summer student who has taken on the labor of love of working with my leafcutter task allocation data.

The data analysis and manuscript backlogs are worrisome.

It's time to dust off job application materials and get to work.

We're going up to Seattle in the middle of the month for the RSVP, and I have barely ridden my bicycle this summer.

I still want to row in the marathon in Petaluma over Labor Day Weekend, and haven't been getting any exercise at all, aside from the regatta itself - hardly the best time for training.

It is incredibly tempting to tell everyone to back off, and just go somewhere to be by myself for a while. California is just too busy and crowded.

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