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Returns [rowing, family]

The algae on the BAP is now decaying extensively, and the weeding-machine has helped to clear enough open water to make things passable by rowing shell again. There are still some patches with disruptive islands that startled me as I rowed through, but I am now confident again about putting in hours on the water.

It was good to get up early and hear the morning birds and quiet as I headed down towards the water. Yesterday I received a message from my father that his latest chemotherapy treatment has not been successful in slowing liver tumor growth. Moreover, the latest scans now reveal that his cancer is following the expected natural progression and there are now worrisome spots in his lungs.

I am feeling that I really want to return to Seattle in 2018. I feel this sense of direction more strongly than I feel any sense of direction with regards to an academic career. I want to focus on writing and thinking for a while, and I want to feel the damp drip and mushy moisture underfoot.

One of the wonderful rowers at the BPRC loaned me a book, Bijaboji*, about a woman who rowed a dugout canoe from Port Angeles to Ketchikan in the 1930's, up through the Inside Passage. So far it contains the kinds of adventures that make me chortle. It relieves a certain degree of weariness of the soul.

*This is her boat's name, created from the first two letters of her four brothers' names: Bill, Jack, Bob, and Jim.

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Aug. 9th, 2017 08:12 pm (UTC)
So sorry about your dad
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