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Break through [rowing, et cetera]

First, regarding Charlottesville. I am angry about how these events draw media attention, but on the other hand they shouldn't be ignored, should they. One thing I see that is important is this article on how to talk to your children about the violence in Charlottesville. How about you?


This weekend I did something I may come to regret. I went rowing Saturday morning with The Brit, as that would follow the training schedule I'd outlined. Then I burned the candle at both ends went for a long row this morning to prepare for the Petaluma Marathon on September 3.

The long row went pretty well. The BAP was more rowable than it has been since before July. There are still several areas with large patches of decaying algae, but it was possible to row in a circle instead of in a straight line. There's just one spot where I had to break through a line of algae for a stroke. The main benefit of the circle is that multiple people can be out without the extreme risk of head-on collisions. In addition to the standing patches, there are occasional small chunks and floating islands that move around in the wind, just to keep things interesting.

I have been testing out a set of Concept2 Bantam oars, which were originally designed for young rowers but have been co-opted by the grown-ups, too. They are shorter than the oars I've been using (Smoothie2's), which takes some getting used to, and they have the green grips instead of the much older Azure blue grips. But they didn't tear up my hands, so I was able to achieve my main goal of continuing to build up callouses for the marathon.

Two hours after I got off the water and returned home, a sunburn showed up.


I am feeling burned out on cooking. I used up most of an enormous bag of spinach yesterday by making a huge batch of spanakopita. All of the spanakopita exploded open when I baked them. I should figure out what I did wrong. I also tried to work away on the zucchini by making chocolate zucchini bread, but I don't feel like I made much of a dent in the zucchini supply. But that's how it goes with zucchini. The garden produce is overwhelming given that we have very little freezer space to work with, and given that I'm not home early enough to do much cooking on weeknights. Maybe I would feel differently if there was a more uniformly appreciative cooking audience. I don't know.

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