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Train was 9 hours late getting back to Emeryville last night. We were absolutely on schedule up until the southern edge of Oregon, where we got stuck waiting for an Amtrak Throughway bus that was caught in traffic. The bus delay was so long that the Amtrak crew ran over its schedule work hours, so then we had to wait again for another crew to reach the train before we could get going again.

Southern Oregon is still insanely smoky. I hear that small towns in Oregon were running out of running water because there were so many people who came to the state to view the eclipse. I also hear that in places with total eclipses, the crickets started chirping and the birds became active because they were confused by the sudden darkness.

I have an overdue manuscript review.

In addition to the snapped-off bar end, the Jolly Roger has a skip in the rear wheel that needs to be looked into.

I still need to figure out what I am going to do for a boat for the Petaluma Marathon Row on September 3.

I need to get to the next step on job applications.

Time for a meeting that was supposed to happen 30 minutes ago.

Also: the RSVP was an adventure. The Opus 4 is crazy. Handlebars were like managing a jiggling console.

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