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RSVP: Preamble

Okay, so. Tuesday evening of last week, we caught the Coast Starlight on up to Seattle. The train trek usually takes around a day, but things were running behind a bit, as they often do. The overall trip northward was uneventful, and we enjoyed the scenery, arriving in Seattle late Wednesday evening. Southern Oregon is still very smoky and feels apocalyptic as a result.

Thursday morning, my dad and I set out for Angle Lake Cyclery on the light rail. In contrast to our experience two years ago, we were able to hop on the light rail at the University of Washington, and rode it all the way out to the Angle Lake stop. So civilized!

If anything, Angle Lake Cyclery is in even more of a state of disarray than two years ago. The owner has resorted to just working on the various bike tasks on the strip of sidewalk right in front of the shop. He had the tandem out before we arrived, and while we worked on various adjustments, he would pause to help other customers with things.

When we arrived, the upright seatpost on the Opus IV was difficult to move, but eventually we managed to work it free and adjust it. I'd forgotten that I brought along my own saddle the last time, and forlornly noted that the one on the bike was a very wide Sella Royale Respiro. It's the same model as what I normally ride on, but way too wide and squishy. Noting my skepticism, D said, "I've got the next model down in the shop, if you'd like me to put that on instead."

Little did I know that there's yet another wide and squishy model of intermediate size between the fat one that was on the bike, and the almost normal one on my bike. By then, we had spent enough time fiddling with things that I was getting tired of dealing with it all and just wanted to leave, so I threw up my hands and declared it to be good enough.

The return trip on the light rail was also uneventful, thank goodness.

I spent Thursday afternoon biking up Capitol Hill on the Jolly Roger to visit Elliot Bay Books, and then rode back down the other side to stop by REI for a couple of things. It was so nice to get to ride the Jolly Roger around Seattle. My mom's bikes are fine, but just not quite as comfortable as the Jolly Roger.

Thursday evening was then devoted to preparations for the Friday morning start of the RSVP.

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