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Cricket News and Thoughts lately

The last two days were intense. I rowed Monday morning, then went to the lab for my usual Monday cricket care duties. From there I rolled straight into dual evening experiments, a 9 pm circadian oxidation experiment and then a 1 am hemolymph assay. The hemolymph assays are an attempt to wrap up loose ends with the Florida species. I got to sleep on C's couch at around 2:30 and slept until 7:45 Tuesday when I had to get up to set up more Florida crickets for a noon timepoint. Then I took care of L's field crickets while L is out of town (moldy!!!!). Then C appeared and we started the next bit of troubleshooting so he will have results for a poster presentation at a conference in January. Midway through I rushed to the banh mi place for food to shove in my gullet, then back to lab for the noon crickets.

Then I had to give an impromptu lab tour to a new grad student from a neighboring lab, help F get stuff set up for his feeding experiments (gut content analysis validation by feeding crickets dried lettuce, mushrooms, mealworms, and grass); get my evening experiments set up; eat some dinner, quick (cheap Mexican from La Burrita); take care of and then wash big piles of dishes from the lab lineaticeps crickets; and finally, run the evening experiments. And fire of a series of fairly important e-mails for managing various tasks while I am out of town.

I got home and got to sleep at around 11 pm. I woke up at 6 am so I'd have time to eat breakfast and pack before heading to the airport. I cut my timing a little too close for comfort, although mercifully SFO often has amazing security lines and I even had time to grab additional food before sitting on the first plane waiting for paperwork to get completed.

It was interesting flying over the Brazos River and surroundings while heading into College Station. The fields around the river all have standing water, but Bryan and College Station were basically spared all the flooding that hit Houston. I think that's due to a combination of good fortune and also being located far enough inland.

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