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Falling in

[personal profile] scrottie and I took an Introduction to Sea Kayaking class yesterday. When the instructor had us go around and say why we were there, S said it was because he has taken up sailing and I'm not interested in sailing.

We spent the morning going over the same paddle strokes as in the first class, but the review was useful. We also learned about the high brace and the low brace. I think I need to watch some videos to get a better understanding of the "hip-snap" and how to move my body to rebalance a kayak. Along with that, I learned that secondary stability is often more important than primary stability. Primary stability is how things feel when you're trying to sit level, while secondary stability can be experienced while the kayak is more up on edge and on the verge of tipping over. There are lots of interesting details to kayak hull shape. And it turns out that the deck lines on top of a kayak aren't simply decorative. Good to know for the sake of future kayak shopping.

Then we spent the afternoon learning how to self-rescue and partner rescue. That was awesome. It wound up being a somewhat warm day, so flipping the kayaks to go in the water felt great and relaxing. Climbing back in wasn't all that hard, either. We learned about these things called "paddle floats," which you slip onto the end of a paddle, and then you can use the paddle as an outrigger/brace to stabilize the kayak while you climb back in.

So now we're certified to go kayaking in calm coastal waters. The instructor suggests that we next look into a tides and currents class, and it looks like there are a couple more classes that would be useful for the sake of longer-term safety and comfort in more interesting water conditions.

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