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Breathe in, breathe out

Yesterday was one of those days where I started to experience a creeping sense of anxiety to the point where I started to notice cognitive decline elsewhere.

Any time this happens, I instantly think of all the people I know who suffer even more from anxiety. You have, and will continue to have, my deepest sympathies.

I eventually put down the things I was trying to work on, and instead rode my bike over to a big-box fabric store in search of marbles for an upcoming assay.

Boy are those shops depressing. There was a whole section in there full of American Girl craft project boxes, plus knock-off dolls and doll clothes. The craft projects looked about as nice as those pony bead lanyards from summer camp in middle school.

Also, decorative spider and scorpion skeletons:
Spider and scorpion skeletons

A very sweet and helpful sales associate said they have real marbles at the nearby Daiso. For less than $2, I am now all set, although I'm surprised the marble set doesn't come with a shooter marble.

Today I have been able to pick things up again and work on them, once I finally relocated to the library for some quiet, and up until someone plopped down in the seat next to me, playing something so loudly on his headphones that I could hear it over my headphones and music.

It's never enough, but it's something.

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