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Packing thoughts

I'm back into one of those states where there are constant background thoughts about packing things up for whatever will come next. This round will probably wind up being even more extreme than those last 6 months in Texas and that first month in Lincoln, before I called in for the moving pod.

If I wind up living on the sailboat with S for any period of time, I imagine I would get down to around a suitcase's worth of stuff, plus maybe my bicycle (Jolly Roger, of course). So, maybe two panniers' worth of stuff. Enough to transfer from "hobo style" to actual hobo-style. Things weren't all that different for him while I was living in Texas, although at least the Villa Maria house had a full kitchen and yard and such, and there was space for him to leave things.

There's the matter of ensuring that my cat has her needs met appropriately. She has been with me through so much that she deserves a safe, comfortable life as she gets older.

Hobbies wind up naturally contracting during such phases. You might think that would mean fewer distractions and greater work productivity, but it doesn't.

There was a powerful video art installation piece at the ASU Art Museum several years ago, on what it is like to be a refugee and be forced to leave absolutely everything behind, and how that affects one's sense of identity. When I think of it, I can't really feel sorry for myself. This is just how it is right now.

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