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I woke up at around 6 am because Emma was yelling again. She has been shut out of the attic for the moment, and it takes some work to convince her that whining about it is not going to result in access again.

When I woke up, I could smell smoke. The fire alarms went off at the high school at the end of the block last night, so I figured the smell was coming from outside. So I closed some windows and tried to go back to sleep. But I couldn't completely dismiss the part of my subconscious that became concerned about the potential for attic activities to have caused electrical and fire problems. We have a lot of dry, flammable stuff stored up there. So eventually I got up to check the news, and learned that the North Bay is on fire - another round of large wildfires, and the smoke has been traveling south. There was also a small fire in Tilden, but the smoke's coming from the north.

Now I am doubting the wisdom of having ridden my bicycle to campus today. I don't have a sinus headache, but I can tell that the smoke is irritating my airways.

The worst part about feeling this way is that there's nothing that can be done about it at this point. It won't help to bike home, for instance. So I might as well just try to plod along under suboptimal circumstances.

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