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Earworm of the now

For some strange reason I have that Postal Service song stuck in my head, "We Will Become Silhouettes."

The original air quality forecasts for today didn't seem so terrible, although I woke up and started sneezing repeatedly, and the sky sure looked ominous.

The air quality measurements have gotten substantially worse over the course of the day.

I was relieved to discover that in the lab we have a stash of the correct sort of particulate filtering masks for trying to filter out smoke. Although our building manager is assuring us that the building's air handling system is filtering out the particulate matter, he says it doesn't filter out the smell. The fifth floor smells noticeably worse than floors lower down. Regardless of the assurances, I sure notice a difference in how I'm feeling. I hate wearing a mask, but it's better than the alternative right now.

I am tempted to just head home and lie on the couch and try to work there. It remains frustrating that I can't row this week due to the smoke, given that the Head of the Charles is 1.5 weeks away.

All small potatoes compared to what people are currently experiencing in the North Bay, where a lot of people's lives were changed suddenly overnight on Sunday night.


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