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Coffeeneuring Day 1, for real

Okay, NOW it's the official start of the 2017 Coffeeneuring season, just in time for [personal profile] sytharin, [personal profile] slydevil, and I to go on our typical Friday-morning coffeeshop bike ride expedition.

I wore a P95 face mask, and RAC and I rode over to meet up with L at the Alchemy Collective.

We saw this artbus on our way, which made me think of [personal profile] scrottie

Berkeley ArtBus

Sister picture:
Coffeeneuring #1: Alchemy Coffee

We sat next to this bookshelf. The more I looked at it, the more interesting things I observed. There was a bound collection of the privacy policies of major corporations, "because nobody reads the digital versions anyway."
Alchemy Coffee bookshelf

I bought a copy of the Radical Feminist Coloring Book. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it just yet, but I am open to ideas.

The current artwork on the wall is made from found objects, including cassette tape holders.

Alchemy is great. Worker-owned, by the way.


And, back to work. I have been reanalyzing and tidying up the leafcutter data analysis script. It's a slog but getting this done is making me feel better about life in general as I get the MS back to a stage where it's ready for the next submission. The current revisions are substantial improvements.

This morning I woke up from the middle of a dream where I was conducting circadian experiments (*shudder*). They were extra stressful because I was trying to stay on time with everything but people kept appearing and interrupting me, throwing off my concentration. This week we finally have enough crickets that I can finally try and wrap things up. I am heading out of town next Wednesday, so I am going to try and pull off double-headers on Monday and Tuesday. I just.need.to.finish.

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