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Square One; Videogaming

I made it rowing this morning. The air quality improved over the weekend, and the water was mirror-flat. What a relief, even if it was after a night of poor sleep.

Then, to the lab, to get things ready for the first round of circadian experiments out of two for today. It wound up being more of a scramble than I'd like. I tried to re-autoclave some saline solution last Friday, but then didn't remember I'd left the bottle in the autoclave until sometime on Sunday afternoon (one of those ....*! moments). So I had to quickly mix up a fresh batch of saline and autoclave it. Then, at the end, I ran out of my lipid standards, and on top of that, ran out of the chloroform-methanol solution I use to prepare the lipid standards. So, two more rounds of mixing things up. And when I at last went to turn on the tank of nitrogen to dry out the lipid samples, the tank was empty. So *foreheadslap*, change out nitrogen tanks, and then I finally got to eat lunch at 2 pm.

And I didn't manage to start cricket care until 2:30 pm. Mostly finished, now. So I have about an hour before I need to start things for the next set of circadian crickets for today. I just want to be d.o.n.e.

Meanwhile, I have another job application due by Wednesday at the latest. I am also flying to Boston on Wednesday, early in the morning. So I should use my one free hour to make sure I have my logistics all lined up. Exhausting just thinking about it.


I don't think I've mentioned here that I started playing the most recent Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. [personal profile] scrottie has commented on aspects of the gameplay that are tiresome tropes, and I'm inclined to agree. I don't like how many buttons one must remember and navigate with, but I suspect that's because I'm a curmudgeon who can't handle controllers with deely-bobber dual thumb joysticks.

Otherwise, there's some mild satisfaction to be gained from solving puzzles, I suppose, and it's fun to climb up things and then jump off and hang glide all over.

I figure it's good that I won't get to play it again until sometime next week.

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