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A friend of mine gave me this album a number of years ago: https://youtu.be/Cn7NCrMIbTA

Yesterday, while I sewed, I also tried to work my way through my collection of CDs, to figure out which things I haven't digitized that I might want during the upcoming unknown period when most of my stuff will be in storage, somewhere, again.

This album is very different from the rest of the music I own. But I like it, a lot. It's so rich.

The friend who gave it to me, GP, was a sad and complicated person who was brilliant and schizophrenic and couldn't handle dealing with women. Somehow I was able to be an exception for a long time*, until he reached a stage where he couldn't handle dealing with my Ph.D. advisor or academic institutions anymore and decided to make his own way in the world (with well-deserved financial freedom and security from an independent unknown sponsor). I bumped into him once sometime after all that, at the Phoenicia Cafe in Tempe, which had become his hangout for writing, and we basically parted ways amicably.

I couldn't keep up with reading his polygraphia, which he wanted+didn't want others to read (obsessive pageview checking of his website, extremely rare hints that it existed - ah! It still exists!). He was very much into various forms of Eastern philosophy (I don't personally know much about the subject). I believe he's basically reinterpreting and commenting on Supreme Court decisions, but with an alternate, fictional court composition. He compulsively collected many kinds of beautiful things, like fancy fountain pens and glass paperweights and scrolls.

I think he was one of those people who can hold up a mirror and show us ourselves (humanity, society) in new ways because he had stepped outside in various ways.

I like a quotation he taught me: "Above confluent hatred, birds call identically."

*Somehow he did not perceive me as a woman, I guess? I would say the age difference was too great, except that he really couldn't handle being around another grad student from my cohort, so I have to suppose I wasn't too overtly feminine. I was interested in friendship, anyway.

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