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Misc updates and a handful of links

Wow, the last three days were nonstop. I managed to fit in a new record-breaking THREE rounds of circadian experiments because my logistical calculations indicated that would allow me to send of the current set of samples and then I could use the information from them to adjust my plans for next week.

That meant getting to bed at 2:40 am. The alarm woke me at 7:20 from a fairly sound sleep, so I jumped in the shower to wake up, then had breakfast, then set off for the airport.

I budgeted a more generous time allotment for this airport trip (3 hours total for travel/security), and I wound up burning through all of it. The first morning commute train to the airport was so full they really needed to hire some of those Japanese train-pushers to fit everyone one. The following train was much better, but I still had to cool my heels for 20 minutes at the San Bruno station. Then, security was busy, and at the very end they decided to confiscate my beloved grapefruit spoon because of its serrated edges (sigh). I reached the gate just as boarding began.

By the time I got to bed at my friend A's house, it was late. Yesterday went at a more relaxing pace, aside from involving a whole lot of chit-chatting and catching up. A took me on a phenomenal hike out in Natick, which was a great way to get a small dose of the glorious New England fall atmosphere.

I got up early this morning, to expedition over to the Newell Boathouse and try to meet up with the Tufts women's coach who is loaning me a boat. He wasn't there when I arrived, but the men's coach was just wrapping things up and helped me get situated instead.

Even in the window just before the official opening time for crews to practice on the Charles, things were hectic out there. The boat and oars I'm borrowing are more squirrelly than I remember, and the gusts of wind didn't help, either. It was still valuable to revisit everything and be reminded of the correct angles to take for the bridges.

Now I have a smidge of free time, which I hope to use to haunt some of the old haunts between Harvard and Porter Squares. But I might just go take a nap under a big tree in a park.

Meanwhile, a few miscellaneous links:

Thoughts on the future climate in northern California (which does not change my mind about wanting to move elsewhere): https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/10/is-norcal-the-new-socal-climatically/543021/

Have you read any of the news stories that just came out about the decline of insect abundances? Scary. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/10/oh-no/543390/

And, here's a nice tour of the insect collection at Berkeley: https://alumni.berkeley.edu/california-magazine/fall-2017-bugged/bug-collection-brief-tour-essig-museum-entomology

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