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On Friday night, [personal profile] scrottie and I went over to Hotsy Totsy Club for beverages and a game of Scrabble. I was highly amused by the nature of a slight biological inaccuracy in their Halloween decorations:

Spot the problem

Saturday morning, I went over to the boathouse to help install a set of large mirrors in the gym. It looks like most of the pictures I took were on another rower's camera, so all I can show you at the moment is us standing around with the blank walls ready to go. Rest assured that the mirrors are phenomenal. Apparently the rower who is in charge of managing the gym had been planning to open his own gym at one point, so he rescued the mirrors from a dance studio that closed down in San Francisco several years ago. As it turned out, he wound up making different business arrangements that have included using the boathouse gym to work with clients, so having the mirrors in the gym still benefits him in addition to benefiting the club. I was glad to learn more about installing giant mirrors (woah, mirror glue!), and also to chat with this club member some more because I might also become a client. I guess he was heavily involved in running Urban Search and Rescue out here for 17 years, in addition to being a rower and "movement specialist." It seems like working with him could be really beneficial given that he has a solid understanding of the mechanics of rowing in addition to a useful perspective on strength training.

Preparing to install mirrors in the BPRC weight room

After that wrapped up, I went over to Waterside Workshops for a coffeeneuring stop before grocery shopping. Yum. They get their baked goods from Vital Vittles, which reminds me to some extent of the Great Harvest Bread Company.

Coffeeneuring #3: Waterside Workshop Cafe

I worked on the jeans some more in the afternoon, but I didn't take any pictures of them. I'm getting so close to the end! They now have a waistband installed, so all that's left are the buttonhole, belt loops, and hems. They fit fairly well, but I will make a couple of the recommended tweaks to the pattern if I make another pair in the future. I will also try to choose an easier topstitching thread. The Guterman's cotton is beautiful, but very thick and it is tending to clog the machine.

Sunday morning, I made pancakes and swept and mopped the floors (no photos, heh). Then there was another Scrabble game with my friend S (woah, I won by 3 points!), a bit more sewing, and then a nice bike ride with [personal profile] scrottie around the "Three Bears Loop." I am so, so glad the fog and cool weather have returned, so we can ride in the middle of the afternoon without overheating or getting sunburned. At one point, we found a whole bunch of lucky pennies, $1.07's worth:

Lucky penny haul

Towards the end, we stopped for another coffeeneuring moment, at Inspiration Point, just as the sun went down and it got dark and chilly.

Coffeeneuring #4: Coffee outside at Inspiration Point

Also not pictured: way too much Zelda, ahem.

It was good to have a solid weekend, but now back to work. I have a lot to do before I leave for a conference in Colorado on Thursday morning.

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