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So that's a wrap

The return train got in early, too. I wound up sleeping on the floor in the lounge car. Things seemed fairly quiet in coach, but I know I won't sleep if I'm stuck in an aisle seat. So I joined about 5 other people sacked out in the lounge car. It was amazingly quiet, and I was able to stretch out completely on a spot on the floor. Not the most glamorous camping, but it'll do and it was only marginally less comfortable than the accommodations in sleeping cars.

I finished reading Difficult Conversations, and got a bunch more knitting finished. I want to write a synopsis post about the book, which I have already found useful (for better or worse, heh).

Just outside Reno, our train stopped to pick up a set of 4 vintage train cars, which got delivered in to Emeryville. A pleasingly random side quest. The Sierra Nevada mountains were misty, and had the first light dustings of snow. As we descended down the western side, we saw a snow rainbow. An amazing, magical moment.

Now, back to life and times around here. Yesterday involved a round of bike maintenance, that made [personal profile] scrottie remember the "new bike day" thread on an Arizona fixed-gear forum. He proposes starting a "new bike chain day" so all of us commuter/practical cyclists have more excuses to post photos of our rigs. On the other hand, I never really feel like my bikes are maintained well enough to justify such a thing. I did at least clean the Jolly Roger's drivetrain to try and sort out a shifting problem, but had no luck. It kind of seems like the indexing may just be off.

Then I tried to replace the chain and cassette on Froinlavin, only to discover that the cassette I purchased a month or two ago was not just the wrong type, but wildly off. Whoops. It has a crazy, huge 34-tooth gear. Umm, yeah. It looked hilariously wrong with the derailleur smashed up against it. So, anybody want a crazy cassette? I'll have to go back to the bike shop to complete that project.

Other than that, near-term planning is making me somewhat anxious. So many things to do, so much Zelda to play, in a nutshell.

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