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So, Sunday. On Sunday morning, [personal profile] scrottie and I had a chat over breakfast about things we'd like to get done. One item that has been on his agenda has been getting caught up with all of his pants trouser mending. I've left the sewing machine sitting out, what with all of my jeans-making ambitions, so I suggested he spend some time working on that task while things were all ready to go.

Somewhere in there, I believe I suggested he read the sewing machine manual.

Some 45 minutes later, he reminded me of a diagram someone made, that refers to the bobbin area as "the cryhole." There may or may not have been some of that.

While he got to know my sewing machine, I darned two sweaters. Damn moths. Yay sweaters and darning mushrooms.

Eventually, he gave up on the machine, and I'd finished my current hand sewing, so I finished stitching a patch on one of his pairs of trousers and then switched over to finally finishing my jeans.


Newly assembled Ginger Jeans

Except. In my haste to be DONE ALREADY I'm not satisfied with my jeans button attachment job, or with my belt loops. So I may revisit those elements shortly.

Also, if I make another pair, I now have a better idea about how I want to adjust certain elements to improve the overall fit. Waist gap and crotch length, ahem. Somewhere in the initial commentary, the pattern author recommends doing a full muslin mock-up of the jeans, and that could have resolved things better. But I'm okay with having forged ahead blindly, overall.

It's nice to have functional jeans, and I didn't want the process to take a full year to complete.

I also did a whole bunch of pannier repairs/upgrades. I love this Arkel shopper-pannier, but maybe I love it slightly too much. The nylon is wearing through where the bag contacts the bottom part of my rear rack. So now I have added some leather reinforcement, plus another layer of nylon for the bottom:

Arkel pannier repairs and reinforcement

The only downside is that I accidentally sewed some of the bottom inner liner closed, so I can't stick the rigid plastic insert back inside. It is sitting loose instead. Apparently I shouldn't try to aim for perfection when machine sewing, I guess. I also replaced the drawstring cord and reattached a buckle point.

Hemming two more pairs of S's trousers felt refreshingly simple, after all that.

Misc sewing notes:

While helping S I discovered that I had purchased two different kinds of jeans needles. One kind is more burly than the other. Guess which one I had been using initially, that may have caused a lot of my woes. Yes, the less-burly kind. I am now thinking that maybe I should have used the more burly needle all along, and perhaps then I would have had fewer technical issues while sewing.

Let's talk about nylon thread for a hot second. That stuff is slippery and tricky to work with! It was challenging to work with when hand-sewing, and was equally challenging in different ways to machine-sew with. Maybe this will change my attitude towards threads made with polyester blends. Or maybe I'll look for slightly less beefy nylon thread for future applications.

Regardless - it's great to have these projects out of the way for now.

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