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Lots of good reading material lately

Can cities get smarter about extreme weather? - I like how this article talks about knowledge systems. A useful concept to think about.

Okay, not reading material, but this new board game is GORGEOUS. Learned about it through an illustrator on the tweet-machine. It's in Swedish, however.

Should reptiles and amphibians be pets? Short answer: we don't even know basic needs for most of them, so no.

Article on a sad conservation biology story. What do you think - is the author correct about the need to shift focus and address longstanding social problems in order to have any hope of slowing extinction rates? I would agree, very broadly, especially with respect to global climate change extreme weather events and climate forecasts. I would also agree that the social problems are often much more challenging to address, and there's always the hard part of all of it in that "preventing habitat destruction" just never sounds sexy and exciting. Actually, maybe this wraps back around to the first link about knowledge systems and how we approach problems.

New movie to watch: Insecta. Hey, it features Justin Schmidt, who is an awesome person. I wonder how I can get a copy of it.

Recent high-profile coverage on insecticides, especially neonicotinoids:
and also

Again, the social/political axis is emphasized, which is interesting to contemplate. As non-rational beings, we must grapple with the social aspects of these problems in addition to trying to approach the problems from a scientific perspective. I do think there are really good reasons to be concerned and cautious about broad-scale insecticide applications. Thanks, industrial ag.

Microbes explain the messiness in decomposition data - I just thought this approach and perspective were cool.

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