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Fixing things [bike repair]

This morning, on my way to work, I stopped by my nearby local bike shop to get the proper cassette for Froinlavin. The owner and mechanics who work there are really great. Anyway, while I was there chatting with one of the mechanics, I remembered that I've been having longstanding issues with my front shifter on the Jolly Roger, and maybe it would be a good idea to do something about it. Unlike the mechanic up at the Montlake Bike Shop, this one was game to try the simple fix of spraying in some spray degreaser, then some lube.

We wheeled the Jolly Roger to the parking lot behind the shop, and at that point our initial efforts attracted the attention of the other mechanic in the shop, who seemed to know another thing or three about the inner workings of trigger shifters. So here's something I appreciated - Mechanic 1 is female, and I'm female. Mechanic 2 is male. He was incredibly nice about asking if it would be okay if he stepped in to help out. This is only a big deal because the typical dynamic that tends to occur in bike shops or bike co-ops is for some guy to just jump in and start doing things, without asking.

Anyway! Mechanic 2 totally knew what he was doing and talking about, because after he got the cover off of the trigger shifter, he observed that the thumb trigger was really loose. He also observed that this was causing the thumb return spring to jam against itself. So the problem wasn't actually that things were gummed up, it was that the whole shifter had worked loose with repeated use. All it took was a bit of tightening of the adjustment nut, and things are back to being smooth as butter.

In addition to appreciating Mechanic 2's conscientiousness in getting involved, I also really appreciated his bent towards trying to fix things instead of insisting on the need for a replacement. Both mechanics agreed that I should be able to get a longer lifespan out of this set of trigger shifters, beyond the 3 years I've gotten so far. It was really useful to know that.

And then, in spite of all that, I figured heck, I might as well get my next set of replacement shifters anyway. They had a really nice set of thumb shifters in stock, that could potentially serve as a replacement for either the Jolly Roger or Froinlavin. So I'll stick that set in the toolbox for future use.

So altogether, things got readjusted and fixed, Froinlavin will now have a working cassette, and the bike shop has made some well-deserved income.

I'm going to miss this shop when I move away. If you're in the area, I say to take your business to Blue Heron Bikes. Good people make a huge difference.

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