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Happy Thanksgiving and such!

Last couple of days:

-Rush to do labwork. Rush away again.

-Went on an afternoon driving expedition to Samuel P. Taylor State Park and Point Reyes Station because [personal profile] scrottie's mother fell on Sunday and bonked her knee and couldn't really walk much.

-My mom and dad showed up Wednesday afternoon. I think I cooked a big vat of curry to feed to everyone? I'm not sure what else happened. Too many people for any sort of thought coherence.

Thanksgiving morning:

-Got up, had breakfast, went to the boathouse and started off the Holiday Challenge with the traditional Thanksgiving half-marathon. I am not in great shape, but there's only one place to start, right?

-Biked up to campus to tend to the diethyl ether samples. Got home just before noon, then did a whole bunch of cooking. At least I was able to have a shower before dinner got underway.

Today, so far, I went on a lovely walk with my parents, [personal profile] slydevil, and [personal profile] sytharin, out to the Albany Bulb. I like hearing the water lap along the shore.

Having even more people around than usual makes it very hard to retain a train of thought. I miss those trains. What tends to happen instead is that I have a hard time sleeping because my brain still wants to have its trains, and then they become very anxious because the trains aren't really going anywhere because I am not in a position to be working away at projects while also trying to accommodate visitors.

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